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Our service

If your child needs supplemental instruction to stay in the school of your choice, we are here to help you achieve your goal. We at Bais Kinder are available to help you and your child receive SETSS, P3 services which are at no cost to you through the Department of Education.

The Department of Education offers educational support services, P3, SETSS, in order to maintain a child in the school that they are attending. 

P3 services can be provided in school, after school at home (or in a neutral site) such as a library.


Generally, the classroom teacher will contact the parents or principal that the student is having difficulty in one or more academic areas.  At that point the parent will need to contact the Department of Education to initiate an evaluation (either at school or at the Education Dept.). This often can be a difficult process to navigate but Bais Kinder will help you throughout this time.  Once your child has received the services we will assist you in finding the best provider for your child.

We believe that each child deserves to learn in their personal unique style at their own pace.
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